Lord English fun stuff

Most of you have probably figured this stuff out by now but these have entertained me all day.

  • Calliope has a British accent because she turns into Lord English.
  • Calliope can draw quite well whereas undyingUmbrage seems physically incapable of the act. Though they appear to have a full body-swap routine, this is very reminiscent of the left-brain right-brain dynamic. When the two hemispheres of the brain are unable to communicate, people do actually draw shitty proto-scribbles like that. They found this out decades ago when doctors would treat epilepsy by essentially slicing the brain in half.
  • undyingUmbrage is totally obsessed with following the rules, and yet is fond of “stretching” them to break the game and win with underhanded tactics. This takes us right back to one of his primary influences being Lord British of the Ultima games, and is a hint of his eventual undoing, should it come. Lord British, if you don’t know the story, is a character in the Ultima series who cannot be killed. He is programmed to be undefeatable. And yet metagame enthusiasts have made somewhat of a sport out of exploiting the game mechanics to find ingenious ways of causing Lord British to die. This fact is actually referenced pretty directly in this page during the intermission. Of course, if the programmers had done their job, you would not be able to kill British at all. So technically it is still a “legal move”, however vacuous and underhanded. You could say that uu is bound by the game’s rules as much as the game’s programming. They are really the same thing.
  • undyingUmbrage has evidently circumvented his binding chain by cutting his leg off, precisely as in Saw. Which makes sense considering all the Saw references, between Lord English actually looking like the Jigsaw puppet and the whole “let’s play a little game” routine.
  • UU and uu’s text colours are the same colour as the chessboard. Obvious but cool, I think.
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    “undyingUmbrage has evidently circumvented his binding chain by cutting his leg off, precisely as in Saw. Which makes...
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    ALL THIS SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT CAUGHT UP The amount of stuff I have read and personally theorized for...
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    Peter you are BLOWING MY MIND!
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    It has been about nine million years since I played the Ultima series, and I didn’t know that about the epilepsy...
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    True, but I imagine it’s actually how he got his pimpin’ gold pegleg!
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    Adding to the next to last one, he asked Dirk for help in robotics, which will probably end being a robotic leg of some...
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